Media Cybernetics

Image-Pro Premier 9.1

Media Cybernetics has announced Image-Pro Premier 9.1, analysis software designed for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing

AutoQuant Version X2.2.1

Media Cybernetics has released the AutoQuant Version X2.2.1 image deconvolution and 5D visualisation software which is now supported in Windows 7

Image-Pro Plus v7

Media Cybernetics has released v7 of Image-Pro Plus, its image processing and analysis software package suitable for applications such as life science research, quality control, industrial inspection, as well as forensic and physical sciences

Scope-Pro Express 6.3

Media Cybernetics has released Scope-Pro Express Version 6.3, a plug-in module for Image-Pro Plus and Image-Pro Express image processing software that allows users to easily acquire and save image volumes.

Online image processing

Media Cybernetics has added a tool to its website that enables individuals to upload their images and receive a free image processing consultation.


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