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The difference between serial and parallel programming is enormous and increases when the objective is to take it to a high-performance ecosystem. The training process cannot focus only on learning specific technologies: scaling for HPC supposes a change in the way of analysing, planning and building software. 

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Aerospace is transforming to meet the current innovation and sustainability mandates, and today’s simulation tools are helping engineers design the aircraft of tomorrow. But in an industry entrenched in regulation and with notoriously long lead times, digital change has not always been easy to realise.

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NASA has selected SiFive to provide the core CPU for NASA’s High-Performance Spaceflight Computing (HPSC) processor


29 September 2022

The Photonics100 list of our industry's most innovative people has extended its deadlines for nominations until midnight (GMT) on Thursday, 6 October. Vote now to make sure your R&D heroes are included!


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29 September 2022

Quantinuum President and COO Tony Uttley announced three major accomplishments during his keynote address at the IEEE Quantum Week event in Colorado. 

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28 September 2022

The European project Climateurope2, commenced this week with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center leading the project which aims to address the need for timely delivery and effective use of climate information

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21 September 2022

Scitara has announced a partnership with Agilent to integrate its Scientific Integration Platform SIP with Agilent’s Software and Informatics Division

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

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18 May 2022

Anca Maria Ciobanu discusses the use of machine learning to help treat rare diseases

18 May 2022

Professor Dieter Kranzlmüller of Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) outlines the work of the facility

21 April 2022

Céline Richard explains what the Large Hadron Collider has taught us about the importance of open access research



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15 August 2022

Scientists and researchers are using AI to help accelerate the discovery of new drugs for a wide variety of different medical applications.

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12 August 2022

Integrators and cloud providers help facilitate access to HPC and deliver additional expertise and support, which helps scientists to effectively use computing resources, finds Robert Roe

11 August 2022

Today’s DNA sequencing technologies now make it possible to sequence whole human genomes cost effectively and with speed. Sequencing initiatives are generating vast volumes of data that – theoretically – give scientists a starting point to drill down into individual patient genomes in the hunt for disease-related variants, and also to mine collectives of huge public datasets to aid our understanding of the genetic basis of disease, unpick disease mechanisms, identify drug and diagnostic targets, and stratify patients for clinical trials and personalised medicine. 


Selectivity is a crucial property in the development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

The world’s leading weather-forecasting companies, usually process weather data four times a day, which, depending on the speed of execution, can take around two hours at a time.

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Automation, robotics and digital technologies are transforming laboratory processes in life sciences, R&D and manufacturing, and driving a new era in data-focused disease and drug discovery.

Press releases

29 September 2022

ISC announces program chair John Shalf 

27 September 2022

Arm has announced the appointment of new board members Karen Dykstra and Jeff Sine and the appointment of Jason Child as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

14 September 2022

The deal extends Eurotech's footprint in Germany and accelerates its growth strategy in the Edge Computing market in AIoT

Tech Focus

A roundup of software tools available to scientists using HPC and AI software

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A roundup of cloud technology providers that support researchers using HPC

A round-up of the latest products for scientists using networking technologies