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Through the use of cutting-edge simulation, software engineers are developing innovative new wind energy technology and increasing the efficiency and durability of wind turbines. The drive to find sustainable energy sources is one of the most pressing concerns facing society.

Dame Sally Davies, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer for England, pulls no punches when it comes to the threat of antibiotic resistance. She has called for an ‘Extinction Rebellion-type’ response to it, describing it as ‘catastrophic’ and ‘as dangerous as climate change’.

Robert Roe interviews Mark Parsons on the strategy for HPC in the UK


14 February 2020

A partnership between the eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) and the Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) aims to examine the impact of having access to advanced research computing resources. The study will explore the use of these resources and services, available via XSEDE, affect the collaboration networks and scientific productivity of participating researchers.

10 February 2020

On 22 and 23 January, CERN openlab held its annual technical workshop covering topics such as heterogeneous and quantum computing.

31 January 2020

One Dorset Pathology will replace ageing IT systems across three trusts to support the development of a pathology hub using a single laboratory information system (LIMS) from CliniSys

Analysis & opinion

14 February 2020

Laurence Horrocks-Barlow, technical director of OCF predicts that containerisation, cloud and GPU based workloads are all going to dominate the HPC environment in 2020

12 February 2020

SciNote CEO Dr Klemen Zupancic discusses the challenge of improving reproducibility in science using ELN technology

12 February 2020

Wes Childs, senior director for engineering at IDBS, highlights how the cloud can help organisations accelerate drug discovery


12 February 2020

Robert Roe takes a look at the strategies used by laboratory managers to make efficient use of cloud resources

12 February 2020

For the potential for AI and machine learning methods in drug development to be realised, companies and organisations are forming partnerships to better understand and develop these technologies, writes 
Sophia Ktori

11 February 2020

This chapter takes the theme of knowledge management beyond document handling into the analysis and mining of data. Technology by itself is not enough – laboratory staff need to understand the output from the data analysis tools – and so data analytics must be considered holistically, starting with the design of the experiment


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