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ArcherDX, a molecular technology company dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions that advance the application of personalised genomic medicine has announced that it has entered into a broad strategic collaboration with Genosity

High performance computing is a field in which engineers often require knowledge of many different areas. An HPC developer must implement a solution to a problem which comes from ‘real’ science, but they also need to understand computer hardware and software.

With new and old companies releasing processors for the HPC market, there are now several options for high-performance server-based CPUs. This is being compounded by setbacks and delays at Intel opening up competition for the HPC CPU market.


21 May 2019

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Cray have announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement under which HPE will acquire Cray for approximately $1.3 billion.

15 May 2019

Artificial intelligence in life sciences is being held back by data issues and skills shortage, according to research.

The Pistoia Alliance, a global non-profit that works to lower barriers to innovation in life sciences R&D, has announced survey results showing that access to data (52 per cent) and lack of skills (44 per cent) are the biggest barriers to the adoption of AI and machine learning (ML). 

14 May 2019

The Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) announces Professor Dieter Kranzlmüller as its new Chair of the Board of Directors

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01 February 2019

Ross Upton, CEO and academic co-founder at Ultromics, discusses the potential to implement AI in clinical diagnostics

23 August 2018

Today Fujitsu published specifications for the A64FX CPU to be featured in the post-K computer, a future machine designed to be 100 times faster than the legendary K computer that dominated the TOP500 for years

26 April 2018

The best research needs ideas from a wider range of people and publications, writes Anita Schjøll Brede


14 May 2019

Robert Roe looks at storage technologies being developed to suit both AI and HPC workloads

14 May 2019

Robert Roe looks at advances in exascale computing and the impact of AI on HPC development

01 April 2019

Gemma Church investigates modelling and simulation tools required for accurate weather prediction


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