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ArcherDX, a molecular technology company dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions that advance the application of personalised genomic medicine has announced that it has entered into a broad strategic collaboration with Genosity

High performance computing is a field in which engineers often require knowledge of many different areas. An HPC developer must implement a solution to a problem which comes from ‘real’ science, but they also need to understand computer hardware and software.

With new and old companies releasing processors for the HPC market, there are now several options for high-performance server-based CPUs. This is being compounded by setbacks and delays at Intel opening up competition for the HPC CPU market.


12 September 2019

Shimmer Research, a developer of wearable technology for research applications, has announced the launch of a healthcare industry open source initiative for wearable sensor algorithms

11 September 2019

PRACE has announced thaty following the 9th Call for applications to SHAPE, five more SMEs will be able to start working with PRACE to gain access to HPC expertise and resources, expand their HPC experience and ultimately enhance their business

05 September 2019

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin has announced the launch of Frontera, funded by a $60 million award from the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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12 June 2019

Jan Rowell looks at the growing use of digital twins which is being driven by the use of HPC and IOT

01 February 2019

Ross Upton, CEO and academic co-founder at Ultromics, discusses the potential to implement AI in clinical diagnostics

23 August 2018

Fujitsu announces specifications for CPU contained in the post-K computer, a machine designed to be 100 times faster than the previous system


14 June 2019

Simulation and modelling increasingly expedite widespread change across the automotive industry, writes Gemma Church

14 June 2019

Cloud-based informatics software is growing fast thanks to highly flexible and customisable deployment methods, writes Sophia Ktori

14 June 2019

John Harman, senior product manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific explains how implementing a cloud informatics platform can help scientists make better use of pharmaceutical data


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