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Particle Counting and Analysis app for Image-Pro Premier

A new Particle Counting and Analysis app for the Media Cybernetics Image-Pro Premier software, which provides automatic particle detection, particle sizing and measurement functionality for industrial image analysis researchers, has been released. Using the new app, researchers can now automatically count and measure particles in live or static images with one mouse click.

Users are guided through selecting calibration settings by the app, removing unwanted particles and saving analysis data. Measurements like area, minimum and maximum diameter, radius ratio and roundness are collected from each frame and all measurements can be saved and easily exported to Excel for further analysis. At the end of each analysis session, users can automatically save a snapshot of their analysed image with measurement overlays to publish and share.

The Particle Counting and Analysis app is freely available for any Image-Pro Premier user to download and install from Media Cybernetics’ Solutions Zone macro and app resource site. Researchers can request a free 14-day trial of Image-Pro Premier to review and test this app with their images.


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