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Image-Pro Premier supports mosaic

Media Cybernetics has announced that its Image-Pro Premier image processing and analysis software now supports Surveyor Workspace mosaic format (.sws) image files acquired with Objective Imaging’s Surveyor Turboscan acquisition systems.

This new mosaic file format support is available in the 9.0.1 release of Image-Pro Premier 64-bit, and further extends Image-Pro Premier’s powerful image analysis tools for life science and industrial researchers.

Researchers can now quickly acquire large image mosaics at camera frame rate using the Surveyor Turboscan system. These .sws mosaic files can then be opened in Image-Pro Premier 64-bit with all calibration data maintained. Users can pan and zoom and draw manual regions of interest to obtain distance or area measurements. More advanced image processing and analysis such as automatic spot or cell finding can be achieved by easily extracting out a portion of the large mosaic image to analyse. 


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