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Scope-Pro Express 6.3

Media Cybernetics has released Scope-Pro Express Version 6.3, a plug-in module for Image-Pro Plus and Image-Pro Express image processing software that allows users to easily acquire and save image volumes.

Designed for users who do not require navigation in the XY dimension with a stage or multiple channel control, Scope-Pro Express provides control of up to two shutters and focus control. These shutter controls minimise light exposure and reduce photobleaching.

Scope-Pro Express provides the Z information needed for an extended depth of field composite image, image deconvolution and 3D rendering.  For image deconvolution, data can be introduced into Media Cybernetics’ AutoQuant X software or SharpStack plug-in for Image-Pro Plus. Scope-Pro Express users can also display data as three dimensional volumes using Media Cybernetics’ 3D Constructor plug-in module for Image-Pro Plus. 

Scope-Pro Express 6.3 requires the installation of Image-Pro Plus or Image-Pro Express versions 6.3 and is compatible with Microsoft XP Pro and Microsoft Vista Business and Ultimate Operating Systems. For those who are looking for complete microscope control, Media Cybernetics also offers the full Scope-Pro Plug-in module.


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