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Image-Pro Plus v7

Media Cybernetics has released v7 of Image-Pro Plus, its image processing and analysis software package suitable for applications such as life science research, quality control, industrial inspection, as well as forensic and physical sciences.

Users of Image-Pro Plus v.7.0 now have the option to add the Live Tiling and EDF module which allows acquisition and tiling of large images and in-focus composite images live – without an automated microscope stage or focus drive.

Additionally, the new Just-in-Time Loading feature saves time by loading multi-frame image sets on demand, resulting in extremely fast load and play times. This feature is available for Image-Pro sets, sequences, and TIFF sequences. The fastest Image-Pro load time ever offered can now open any size set at the speed of a single image.

Image-Pro Plus v.7.0 includes microscope and stage automation tools which were previously available only as add-ons. Users can control their microscope stages in any X, Y, or Z direction and control motorised filter wheels, shutters, filter sliders, and lamp settings. Automation speeds have also been accelerated for the following microscopy hardware: Prior ProScan Controllers; Olympus Microscope Stands (BX-61 and IX-81); Sutter Lambda 10-3; and Ludl MAC.

Other new features include the optional 3D Surface Inspector tool, which allows researchers to explore the depth of their z-stacks using manual measurements. In addition to quantitative analysis tools, users can create beautifully illuminated 3D visualisations and AVI animations to share with others. A new Macro Browser (formerly the Macro Player) ensures quick access to a variety of timesaving macros. New macros are also available in the Macros Menu.


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