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AutoQuant Version X2.2.1

Media Cybernetics has released the AutoQuant Version X2.2.1 image deconvolution and 5D visualisation software which is now supported in Windows 7. In addition to improved file format handling designed to make working with original images easier, enhancements include the ability to save ND2 files after modifying dimensionality, the ability to play through LIF time lapse files, accurate time data in OIF file reader, and ND file writing that corrects time naming convention.

The AutoQuant X2.2.1 software package contains image deconvolution software a suite of 2D and 3D algorithms, including advanced fixed and blind deconvolution algorithms which are both iterative and constrained for best results. The blind algorithm has a time-saving option for obtaining point spread functions (PSFs) without the need for getting bead images, while a new confocal algorithm is better tuned to images where proper Nyquist sampling or over-sampling is used. Results have shown to be more quantitative and reproducible.

AutoQuant also includes 5D visualisation tools capable of visualising large image stacks with channel and time data preserved, and the 5D viewer enables users to bring complex datasets to life with the use of flexible viewers capable of inspecting details at the ideal angle.


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