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Image-Pro Insight Version 8.0

Image-Pro Insight Version 8.0 image acquisition, processing and measurement software is now available. First introduced in Image-Pro Plus 7.0, Live Tiling and Live EDF (Extended Depth of Field) enable users to acquire large, tiled, and focused images in real time without an automated stage or focus drive. In Image-Pro Insight, these tools now offer combined functionality so that users can create images while manually moving around their specimens.

Image-Pro Insight 8.0 provides manual distance, angle, best-fit, and area measurement tools, and introduces snap-to-edge ‘magnetic’ measurements that identify object edges to guarantee consistency. The software’s semi-automated Auto Trace draws around an object and determines area measurements. All measurements are interactive and easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Image-Pro Insight users have access to a variety of sharing and reporting features. Eight pre-designed report templates are included, enabling images and measurement data to be exported to PDF, Microsoft Word and other file formats. Images can be saved in low- and high-resolution or video formats, while exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint automatically creates a slideshow with active images.


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