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Digital developments

Six industry experts tell Tim Gillett about recent progress in the world of laboratory information management systems

Dealing with Data

Informatics experts share their experiences of implementing new technologies and manging change in the modern laboratory

Regulating scientific discovery

Sophia Ktori explores the use of informatics software in the first of two articles covering the use of laboratory informatics software in regulated industries

Alcohol and analysis

The use of informatics is crucial all the way through the process of brewing, writes Sophie Ktori

LabWare ELN v2.0

LabWare has released version 2.0 of its ELN system, a key component of the companys Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) solution strategy

LabWare ELN

LabWare has announced its LabWare ELN product, a new entry in the electronic laboratory notebook product space and a key component of the company's enterprise laboratory platform strategy


LabWare LIMS is the world’s most successful LIMS, with a wide variety of ‘out-of- the-box’ modules and template solutions that seamlessly extend the application’s flexibility to address the needs of specific industry segments.


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