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Trusted by more than 29,000 laboratories and thousands of companies worldwide, for more than 30 years, LabWare’s focus has been to build the best laboratory informatics solutions in the world to equip laboratory managers, scientists, and analysts to work efficiently, accurately, and in compliance, and its mission is to be the best LIMS provider in the world. You can customise LabWare LIMS for a lab with multiple deployment options, and integrate your instruments to get clear visibility across your entire lab. Its proven suite of capabilities streamline documentation, prevent manual errors, leading to improved efficiencies and reduced costs, while its automation solutions are optimised to meet regulatory requirements and stand up to any internal or external audit processes. There are four deployment options: LabWare SaaS, which is validated and preconfigured for rapid deployment; LabWare Hosted; deployed with the cloud provider of your choice; or locally hosted through on-premises installation.


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