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LabWare WebLIMS v3

LabWare has released the latest version of its WebLIMS presentation layer. The WebLIMS V3 architecture requires neither customer-specific programming, nor local code installation at the user’s workstation or handheld device. And as a purely browser-based solution, WebLIMS enables a zero-footprint implementation.  

The complete adherence to true open computing standards also enables LabWare’s WebLIMS to do modern cross-platform computing. Rather than obligating the use of a personal computer and a specific browser platform, this design enables the use of a broad range of hardware form factors and browser technologies.  It is compatible with PCs and Macs and even hand held devices like the new Apple iPhone, and it functions identically on browsers as including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.  

WebLIMS v3 delivers a true zero-footprint web-deployable LIMS without mandating major upgrades or costly system conversions. LabWare has also provided capabilities for creation of a nearly unlimited array of functional web services, which LabWare LIMS can dynamically publish and consume. Using existing installed systems, and using many of the capabilities with which they’re already trained and accustomed, LabWare customers can design and dynamically publish their own web services for application integration within their enterprise.  

WebLIMS serves as a powerful new presentation layer within the LabWare LIMS product suite, and is compatible with customer’s existing installations of LabWare LIMS. The company’s architecture enables the customer to deploy the user interface as a completely browser-based solution, or as a hybrid approach operating in conjunction with thin clients.


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