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LabWare ELN

LabWare has announced its LabWare ELN product, a new entry in the electronic laboratory notebook product space. LabWare states that its ELN is a key component of its enterprise laboratory platform strategy. LabWare ELN provides scientists and other laboratory personnel with the automation tools necessary to manage experiments, properly execute tasks, and to capture, preserve and safeguard intellectual property.

LabWare ELN is an experiment and workflow driven software application designed to give the laboratory scientist a platform to electronically document their experiments, including relevant scientific content and observations, instrument results, and attachments such as spectra, chromatograms, and chemical structures where appropriate. LabWare ELN works seamlessly with LabWare LIMS, allowing any data within the LIMS to be accessible by the ELN and vice versa. Adding samples or tests to an ELN experiment is facilitated by simple-to-use mechanisms, such as drag and drop, bar-code scanning the samples into ELN, or selecting the samples from a list.

Laboratories that work on GMP samples are required to follow standardised testing methods (STMs) when testing samples in the laboratory. LabWare ELN can help an organisation to avoid these inefficiencies and costs by ensuring that laboratory technicians are performing standardised test methods according to the proper sequence of steps stipulated in the SOP. LabWare ELN can associate an SOP document with an experiment template and, using a very straightforward tagging scheme, can then link specific steps in the SOP with sections of the experiment worksheet. Thus as the laboratory analyst completes a given step in the procedure, the next step in the procedure can be visually presented to the user with the appropriate SOP instructions for performing that step.


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