Altair Engineering

HyperWorks Unlimited

Altair Engineering has launched HyperWorks Unlimited, a managed private cloud solution offering companies a fully configured hardware and software appliance for computer-aided engineering (CAE)


An on-demand computational fluid dynamics (CFD) application, built on top of Altair's CFD solver, AcuSolve, has been released

Compute Manager 12.0

Altair Engineering has released Compute Manager 12.0, a faster version of its software for running, monitoring, and managing workloads and results on distributed resources in high-performance computing environments

SimLab 12.0

Altair Engineering has announced that SimLab 12.0, a software tool created specifically as a pre-processor for detailed computer models of complex powertrains, has been released as part of HyperWorks 12.0

PBS Analytics 12.0

Altair has released its completely redesigned PBS Analytics 12.0 data analysis and visualisation tool for high-performance computing

PBS Professional 12.0

Altair has introduced PBS Professional 12.0, the latest version of its workload management and job scheduling solution

HiQube 7.0

Altair has released version 7.0 of its HiQube simulation-driven business analytics and performance optimisation platform

Compute Manager 11.1

Altair has released Compute Manager 11.1, an enhanced version of its web-based high-performance computing (HPC) portal that simplifies the set-up, monitoring and visualisation of simulations

PBS Professional 11.2

Altair Engineering has released PBS Professional 11.2. This latest version of PBS Professional scales easily to support hundreds of thousands of processors and enables administrators to get the maximum value from their computing infrastructure


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