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PBS Professional 12.0

Altair has introduced PBS Professional 12.0, the latest version of its workload management and job scheduling solution for high-performance computing, with new features that the company says speed scheduling and boost utilisation and agility.

In addition to scheduler optimisations that provide 40 per cent faster scheduling for complex workloads, new capabilities include power-on that is more than 10 times faster than previously achievable, and a shrink-to-fit feature that allows users to run jobs – or portions of jobs – in the period immediately before a planned maintenance outage. The company states that one beta customer reported they were able to reclaim 800,000 CPU hours over two months by using shrink-to-fit to run jobs prior to outages. Furthermore, the rapid-start capabilities of PBS Professional 12.0 virtually eliminate waiting time before interactive jobs are started, where policies permit and resources are available.


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