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Compute Manager 11.1

Altair has released Compute Manager 11.1, an enhanced version of its web-based high-performance computing (HPC) portal that simplifies the set-up, monitoring and visualisation of simulations. According to the company, v11.1 has advancements that will help change the nature of workload management in HPC. Among these is built-in 3D and 2D visualisation of jobs while they are running and after they are finished, which enables users to see 3D animations in their Web browsers using a browser plug-in. Users can also view 2D plots in the form of line graphs.

Furthermore, a new Results Visualization Service delivers on-demand access to the latest results from a running job and provides advanced diagnostic capabilities for making informed decisions. The 3D results can be animated and viewed with the in-browser HyperView Player plug-in. Users are also able to visualise and manipulate 2D plots and curves from job results data. With support for the viewing and management of job arrays, Compute Manager allows the submission of jobs that contain sub-jobs, each acting independently of the others. Easy access is provided to each sub-job, with its individual properties and files, through a simple-to-navigate interface via the monitoring page.


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