Altair Engineering

PBS Professional 11.2

Altair Engineering has released PBS Professional 11.2. This latest version of PBS Professional scales easily to support hundreds of thousands of processors and enables administrators to get the maximum value from their computing infrastructure

Compute Manager

Compute Manager is the first foundational block in Altair Engineering's plans to build a modern, Web-based enterprise simulation platform

HyperWorks 11.0

Altair Engineering has released the latest version of its computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite

HyperWorks On-Demand

HyperWorks On-Demand (HWOD), a high-performance computing (HPC) solution for design innovation in the Cloud has been released by Altair Engineering

PBS Works 10.4

PBS Works, a division of Altair Engineering, has introduced PBS Works 10.4, its suite of on-demand computing technologies that allows customers to streamline workload management

PBS Works 10.2

Altair Engineering has released PBS Works 10.2, its product suite that aids management of compute-intensive workloads, which includes several enhancements

Hyperworks Durability Director

Altair Engineering has launched HyperWorks Durability Director, a highly-tailored, end-to-end solution for managing the many different aspects of durability simulation


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