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StorMax CFS

Amax, a provider of high-performance computing (HPC) and enterprise IT computing solutions, has announced the integration of the IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) with Amax's end-to-end high-performance StorMax CFS storage computing solutions.

GPFS is a high-performance, scalable clustered file system developed by IBM that provides reliable, concurrent high-speed file access to applications running on multiple nodes of clusters. It aims to greatly simplify cluster file system administration and includes tools capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files. Invented by IBM Research more than a decade ago, GPFS now forms the basis for some of the world's most innovative high performance and storage solutions.

Integrating GPFS with customised HPC solutions provides Amax with much more flexibility and a very robust parallel storage file system, said James Huang, product manager at Amax.

GPFS powers many of the world's largest scientific supercomputers, including many of the supercomputers that populate the Top 500 List of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet. It is particularly suited to commercial applications requiring high-speed access to large volumes of data such as engineering design, business intelligence, seismic data processing, geographic information systems, and scalable file serving. GPFS can be used within Linux, AIX and Microsoft Windows Server-based clusters or in heterogeneous cluster nodes.


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