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ClusterStor 6000

Xyratex has released the ClusterStor 6000 high-performance data storage solution, which the company states will deliver two times the Lustre file system performance over competing designs. Its enterprise level resiliency architecture brings together what were previously discrete server, network and storage platforms with their own separate software layers, into a single integrated modular scale out storage building block. This approach enables the system to scale both performance and capacity while aggressively reducing space, power and administrative overhead.

At five rack units high, the ClusterStor 6000 Scalable Storage Unit (SSU) offers linear performance scalability from six gigabytes per second to one terabyte per second file system processing capability, as well as linear data storage capacity from terabytes to tens of petabytes. It is designed for users who want to build efficient petascale computing solutions for high-performance computing applications in areas such as scientific research, simulation, climate modelling and energy exploration.


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