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ClusterMax Stor-X

Amax has introduced its ClusterMax Stor-X, a high capacity, petabyte-scale network-attached storage (NAS) platform that the company says has redefined the limits of access speeds, high availability, performance and scalability. The company states that the ClusterMax Stor-X is well-suited to data intensive deployments in oil and gas applications, which require extreme performance, massive storage capacity, and robust parallel file storage management features.

The new ClusterMax Stor-X solution represents the next-generation of parallel storage platforms based on the latest InfiniBand QDR technology. The ClusterMax Stor-X achieves massive scalability to the hundreds of petabytes and utilises a parallel file system to achieve extremely high data throughput. Amax’s advanced storage solution was designed to work with large-scale HPC cluster deployments and state-of-the-art supercomputer systems that require unique storage configurations to support the massive data sets typical of scientific research. With the new storage platform, Amax is now capable of deploying large-scale HPC clusters running up to thousands of cores while supporting up to 720TB of hot-swap storage capacity per 42-U rack space to store, process and accelerate the huge amount of raw data collected in today’s oil and gas applications.


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