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Integration and support service launched to help organisations adopy cloud supercomputing

To meet the rapid increase in demand for computer processing power of high-end research, Red Oak Consulting, a specialist in high performance computer (HPC) systems, has launched a three-tiered, fully managed service solution to help organisations move their research systems into the realm of cloud-based supercomputers.

This, the company says, is applicable for organisations working across a whole host of sectors, where quite literally petabytes of data are required to be processed in milliseconds, where normal computers simply couldn’t cope, and the only solution is a high performance, or supercomputer. As this moves increasingly towards cloud-based solutions, the level of support, technological knowledge and expertise moves into a whole new territory.

Designed to deliver complete peace of mind to any organisation requiring the seamless functionality of HPC throughout transition and through everything from incident logging, cost and usage analysis, Red Oak Managed Services (ROMS) is tailored to a business’s requirements, especially when critical issues require speed, and deep-level expertise.  

Owen Thomas, senior partner and co-founder of Red Oak Consulting, said: “UK universities and research institutions have built an enviable reputation over the years of underpinning and feeding into industries such as energy, nuclear, defence and even genomics. It’s where everything starts, and where ideas are turned into economic reality.

“Therefore, we are in no doubt as to the complexities of our customers’ environments, and HPC requires a high and often intricate level of understanding and support that is not always available in house or on-premises.

“Likewise, we understand the transition from on-premises to the cloud can be met with trepidation for many. But that is precisely why we exist; to manage the change, and to support the onward  journey with agility and flexibility so HPC users can concentrate on their work without stress and undue downtime.”

Speaking of his experience with ROMS, Nigel Cowler, digital cloud platform owner for Lloyds Register, said: “I highly recommend ROMS for their exceptional HPC (High-Performance Computing) support services. From the moment we engaged with them, their professionalism and expertise were evident.

“They demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and provided tailored solutions that perfectly aligned with our requirements. Their level of engagement and commitment to delivering high-quality results matched our expectations.

“Red Oak Consultancy has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner in the realm of HPC, and we continue to benefit from their valuable support.”

Within the bespoke packages – Silver, Gold and Platinum Plus – ROMS offers three distinct areas of support, namely HPC system admin support, business-oriented reporting and cost & usage analysis. All of which are designed to help organisations running multiple HPC workflows greater knowledge of their systems, and a guarantee to get the best productivity, flexibility and value for users and the business.

Support is provided via a team of highly skilled HPC specialists with backgrounds in both academia and the corporate sector as users, engineers, solutions architects or software support agents.


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