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Generation of Open Ethernet

Mellanox Technologies has launched the 'Generation of Open Ethernet' initiative, an alternative approach to traditional closed-code Ethernet switches, which provides customers with full flexibility and freedom to custom-design their data centre in order to optimise use, efficiency and return on investment.

With this new approach, Mellanox claims to be taking software defined networking (SDN) to the next level and opening the source code on top of its existing Ethernet switch hardware.

For years, Ethernet switch vendors have locked down their solutions, providing no choice or flexibility for their users. In the era of cloud computing and Web 2.0 applications, IT managers must control their data centre network in order to achieve higher levels of utilisation and scalability.

The market’s move toward SDN and open-source networking offers a variety of advantages currently not found with traditional proprietary software.

Open Ethernet also includes the capability to fully customise, through the open code, a variety of open-source management software packages, support standard OpenFlow controllers, and more. Open Ethernet is supported on Mellanox’s 10/20/40/56GbE switches, with forward compatibility to future Mellanox Ethernet solutions.

Eyal Waldman, president of Mellanox Technologies, said: 'The current landscape of proprietary Ethernet switches limits the foundation of compute and storage clouds and Web 2.0 infrastructures. We are excited to facilitate change and to lead the new generation of Open Ethernet that will enable a more open and collaborative world.

'Mellanox Open Ethernet allows users to gain control of their network and data centre, and to achieve higher utilisation, efficiency and return on investment, and will enable our customers to add differentiation and competitive advantages in their networking infrastructure. We have been seeing wide and strong support for this initiative from our partners and users, and expect to see a growing community around our initiative.'


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