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Nexxis ELN Go Paperless Package

Labtronics has introduced its Nexxis ELN Go Paperless Package - an all inclusive, fixed-cost package that aims to takes laboratories from paper to paperless in three days. The company has developed a new process for converting all of a laboratory's paper worksheets into electronic forms, ready to be used in Nexxis ELN. Thousands of paper worksheets can be converted in a couple of minutes.

In addition to supplying a fully implemented ELN, the package also includes Nexxis SDMS, Labtronics' powerful and cost-effective scientific data management system that provides secure central storage and retrieval of all laboratory documents, including finished ELN worksheets.

The 'Nexxis ELN Go Paperless Package' is an all-inclusive, fixed-cost package that delivers all of the software, all of the services and all of the training that laboratories need to make a real transformation in how they operate within a three-day period.


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