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Nexxis ELN connector for Waters Empower CDS

Labtronics has released a new interface connector to allow Waters Empower CDS to connect to Labtronics' Nexxis electronic laboratory notebook (ELN).

This new interface connector links Empower CDS and Nexxis ELN transparently, so that information is automatically exchanged between the two systems. Nexxis ELN can collect sample weights and all of the meta data for the sample prep process. The weights can then be sent to Empower, allowing it to complete the concentration calculations. Results are then sent back to Nexxis ELN where they are automatically added to the same worksheet used for sample prep.

Using this workflow, Nexxis ELN is able to collect all of the information for an analysis in one place. A single worksheet contains all of the information related to a chromatography analysis, including things such as the batch number of reagents used to prepare the sample, the analyst who prepared the samples, the column ID, the instrument that performed the analysis, a link to the chromatogram, and the final calculated results. The interface connector will also automatically store the chromatography report in any SDMS, including Nexxis SDMS, and it will send results to any LIMS. With all of the information in one place, the company says, the review and approval process is now easy to complete; storing all of the meta-data for a complete chromatographic analysis in a single source (Nexxis ELN) helps the lab to quickly review and approve the data, and track down issues.


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