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Nexxis ELN 5.0

Labtronics has released Nexxis ELN version 5.0, which supports the requirements of both the QC/QA and R&D departments. Using ReDI technology, Nexxis ELN is able to convert existing worksheets to automated electronic worksheets while at the same time meeting the ad hoc requirements of the R&D group.

Nexxis ELN 5.0 is supplied with Nexxis SDMS for storing completed worksheets. Nexxis SDMS has full indexed search capabilities making it easy to find any ELN worksheet or other document.

The ELN automatically checks training records, chemical inventories and instrument calibrations before analysts are allowed to continue with their work. Instead of just tracking mistakes, Nexxis ELN prevents errors from happening, significantly reducing the cost of rework.

Integration to any LIMS system is also provided. The process of logging samples in LIMS can automatically create worksheets ready for the analyst to perform the work at the bench level.

Advanced features such as rich text editing, dynamic pages and electronic signatures make the ELN an ideal solution for the R&D lab. Analysts can work with blank workbooks, and insert template pages for structured work as needed.

Extensive integration capabilities with third-party programs such as LIMS, CDS, Agilent's Open Lab ECM, stats packages, molecular drawing programs and SAP makes Nexxis ELN 5.0 a valuable addition to existing systems.


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