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Nexxis iLAB 5.05

With added functionality for managing a wide range of contacts, Nexxis iLAB 5.05 has been released by Labtronics. This lab automation system includes a contact manager that lets users configure any number of lists of contacts. These lists can be for internal personnel, internal customers, external customers and suppliers. The design is fully configurable so that any information can be collected for the contact list, and Nexxis iLAB supports any number of contact lists.

Once a contact list has been created, the information can be accessed by any module within Nexxis iLAB. For example, a Nexxis ELN worksheet can look up the email address for a contact and send them a notice containing information just gathered by the lab. Analysis processes can access information about customers and dynamically alter the process or target values based on specific requirements. Applications that are part of Nexxis iLAB can also update the list or add new contacts and if samples are added to Nexxis Sample Tracker for a new client, this module can automatically update the contact list.


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