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AutoQuant X Version 2.1

Media Cybernetics has released AutoQuant X Version 2.1 image deconvolution and 3D visualisation software. 

AutoQuant X 2.1 now offers support for Windows Vista Business and Ultimate operating systems in 32- and 64-bits, as well as other feature enhancements. 

The AutoQuant X software package includes AutoDeblur, which is an image deconvolution software. AutoQuant X users can retrieve data from their images using the most complete suite of 2D and 3D algorithms available, including an advanced Blind Deconvolution algorithm, which is both iterative and constrained. 

In addition to supporting Windows Vista Business and Ultimate operating systems, AutoQuant X Version 2.1 includes support for MetaMorph ND and Olympus OIB/OIF files as well as 17 other file formats. This new version also offers improved multi processor support for faster processing.

Along with the deconvolution tools in AutoDeblur, AutoQuant X also includes the 3D visualisation capabilities of AutoVisualize. AutoVisualize makes it easy for users to bring complex datasets to life with the use of 3D visualisation and manipulation tools.


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