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Grapher 11

Golden Software, the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Grapher 11, an accurate and efficient 2D and 3D graphing program that meets every graphing need, from simple to complex.

Introduced in 1986, Grapher is a leading competitor in graphing software. Designed primarily for scientists, engineers, and business professionals, Grapher converts data into more than sixty fully customizable graph types. Grapher continues to be known for its easy-to-use interface and for creating professional publication-quality graphs quickly and easily.

The most popular new features in Grapher 11 are the three new graph types: polar vector plots, ternary class scatter plots, and 2D and 3D doughnut plots. Polar vector plots connect two points on a polar coordinate system with an arrow. The ternary class scatter plot creates a three system ternary diagram with symbols where the symbols change based on a fourth variable. The 2D and 3D doughnut plots create graphs similar to a pie chart, but with a hole in the center. In addition, 2D doughnut plots can be stacked to compare variables as they change.

One of the most exciting new features is the axis linking features. This highly requested feature allows axes to be linked so that changes only need to be made to one axis. All linked axes automatically update when the master controlling axis changes. Linking works for axis length, scale, limits, tick mark spacing, and position. In addition, the limits can be set to a mathematical equation, allowing axes with different units to be linked.

Another feature that was greatly improved on is the class scatter plots. Classes can now be based on text or numbers, allowing easier class scatter plots to be created from any data. In addition, the number of classes has increased to 300 for better representation of all data.

Comments from Grapher customers and beta-testers after reviewing Grapher 11:

  • Grapher has the best scientific graphics a software can offer. – Pablo Del Monte Luna
  • Grapher is a fabulous tool for creating presentation-quality graphs. It is almost infinitely flexible and is not constrained by some of the limitations that hamper my use of other graphing programs. – Dave Suder, Principal Scientist, Precise Environmental Consultants
  •  I recommend Grapher to everyone! Single best software buy in the world! – Eric Schaefer, Investment Professional
  •  I have used GRAPHER since 1986 and it is still the best, least restrictive, graphing program available. Those who don't use it don't know what they're missing! -- Dave Quirt, Geoscientist, Canada

Grapher 11 operates in a Microsoft® Windows environment with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. Grapher 11 is now available for a retail price of $489, with quantity discounts available. Upgrades from any previous version of Grapher are available for only $169. Grapher 11 includes free updates and free technical support.


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