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Grapher 9

Golden Software has released the latest version of its 2D and 3D professional graphing program that enables users to convert their data into one of 54 customisable graph types. Grapher 9 features a number of upgrades, including support for Unicode fonts. This support allows international users to create and display text using characters from languages other than English, and to save and open files with Unicode characters in the path name.

Unicode characters are also supported in Grapher’s worksheet, allowing users to enter data and column headings in their native language, and to open Excel spreadsheets and display Unicode characters exactly how they are shown in Excel. This new feature is especially useful when creating graphs and plots for papers and presentations written in languages other than English.

Users also now have the ability to move any label in a graph, including plot labels, axis labels, axis titles and graph titles – eliminating overlapping text and keeping graphs readable and informative for highest impact. Users can also clip bar charts, fit curves and confidence intervals to any specified limits. Grapher 9 operates in a Microsoft Windows environment with Windows XP SP2 or higher, Vista, 7, or higher.


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