Golden Software releases Surfer 13 graphics software

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Golden Software, a developer of scientific graphics software, has announced the release of Surfer 13, a user-friendly software package which accurately transforms XYZ data into presentation-ready maps.

Introduced in 1984, Surfer has emerged as the industry standard gridding and contour mapping software used by geologists, hydrologists and engineers. Surfer 13 offers thirteen different gridding methods, including Kriging with variograms, to convert irregularly spaced XYZ data into a uniform grid. Display a grid or digital elevation model in one of nine fully customisable 2D and 3D grid-based map types: contour, watershed, viewshed, image, shaded relief, 1-grid and 2-grid vector, 3D wireframe, and 3D surface maps. Enhance the display by adding post and base maps. Maps generated with Surfer are known for their clarity, vibrancy and accuracy.

Surfer 13 contains over 250 new features and improvements as requested by users. One of the most popular new features in Surfer 13 is the ability to display latitude/longitude graticule lines over a projected map, allowing users to view their maps and data in various coordinate units. Users can also create an additional grid in different units, allowing users to project a map in one set of units (e.g. meters) and display a grid in different units, such as feet.

In addition to displaying latitude and longitude graticule lines, users can now perform viewshed analysis. Surfer calculates and displays the areas visible, or invisible, from a specific point location. Viewshed maps have a wide range of uses in industries like security, architecture and landscape architecture, military, communications, surveying, wildlife research, and urban planning.

Two other powerful time-saving upgrades to Surfer 13 are performing queries on features in base maps and utilising the new vector editing options. Query features in any base map by its properties or an attribute value. This allows the user to identify the features that meet certain criteria for deletion, emphasis, or export. Geoprocessing, or vector editing, has become increasingly popular and Surfer now supports more editing tools than ever. Create buffer polygons around features at specific distances, points at intersections, new polygons from existing polygons, and many more.

Surfer 13 operates in a Microsoft Windows environment with Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Vista, 7, 8 (excluding RT), and higher. Surfer 13 is now available for a retail price of $849, with quantity discounts available. Upgrades from previous versions of Surfer are available for only $279. Surfer 13 includes free updates and free technical support. Full online documentation is included. An additional User's Guide in electronic PDF format is available for only $25.

Visit to download a free Surfer 13 demo and place an order.