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Fibre Channel portfolio

ATTO has announced the launch of its Gen 5 powered 16Gb fibre channel portfolio and Thunderbolt enabled Desklink services, as well as the new ExpressSAS 12Gb SAS/SATA host bus adapter (HBA).

The new ExpressSAS cards offer 8 or 16 port configurations, allowing up to 1,200 MB/s per port, enabling scalability for next generation platforms and infrastructures. These HBAs include built-in RAID (0, 1 and 1e) and advanced data streaming (ADS).

The Gen 5 powered Celerity 16Gb fibre channel HBAs include a quad channel card, delivering reliable and scalable connectivity with twice the maximum throughput of previous solutions. The ADS technology manages latency in real-time environments to improve data streaming and data transfers, while MultiPath enables connectivity for Windows, Linux and Mac workstations to directly connect to enterprise class storage, reducing the latency commonly found in client-server architectures. 

ATTO’s ExpressSAS RAID controllers include adaptive path optimisation, which provides automated data protection coupled with path management and balancing. Developed to support SSD and HDD, these HBAs and RAID controllers can accelerate data transfer in a number of potential applications. 

All ATTO’s portfolios of fibre channel infrastructure products include the Fibre Connect switch, available in 16Gb and 8Gb versions, as well as the unique FibreBridge, which allows SAS/SATA storage to be added to a fibre channel infrastructure.

The ATTO FastStream SC 9000 is a 16Gb storage controller that uses a fibre channel RAID controller that allows the use of 16Gb SAN storage solutions. System builders have the ability to embed the FastStream into a storage server to create a license free storage array.

FastStream supports up to 512TB of RAID protected shared storage using HDD or SSD drive technology. FastStream storage controllers are engineered for demanding real-time applications which require managed latency for high-volume collaborative workflows, and include ATTO’s ADS and DriveAssure designed to maximise performance.


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