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PAS 12

The Panasas ActiveStor 12 (PAS 12), fourth-generation storage-blade architecture, features the company’s PanFS parallel file system, 64-bit multi-core processing and integrated 10GbE technology, more than doubling performance, moving from 600MB/s to 1.5GB/s per chassis. Aggregate system performance scales to 150GB/s and this parallel performance, combined with a seven times performance increase in NFS access, makes PAS 12 suitable for highly-demanding applications.

Each PAS 12 chassis houses 40TB of RAID protected storage, expandable to four Pbytes per system and extensible as drive capacities increase.  Performance and capacity easily scale by adding individual blades, chassis or entire racks, without system disruption. A global namespace presents a single pool of virtualised storage, enabling customers to employ multiple applications and workflows in a single storage system. Any number of chassis can be networked to create extremely large high-performance storage pools.

‘When most organisations talk about data growth they focus on the leap from storing terabytes to petabytes of information. Of equal importance is the explosion in demand for more rapid creation and delivery of this information,’ said Richard Villars, vice president of storage and IT executive strategies at IDC. ‘The parallel file system and architectures used in solutions like Panasas PAS 12 will play a key role in enabling more data-intense and data-hungry high-performance computing environments.’


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