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SmartStor NSx700 Series

Promise Technology has introduced the next generation of its SmartStor network attached storage (NAS) line; the NSx700 Series. The solution is available in a six-bay (NS6700) and a four-bay (NS4700) configuration, both powered by an Intel Atom D525 dual-core 1.8 GHz processor and equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and delivers a high-speed iSCSI NAS solution with up to 210MB/s throughput.

The NSx700 Series is equipped with Promise's Raid engine, developed for the company’s enterprise-level Raid storage subsystem products, and provides advanced data protection services such as Raid 6, bad sector error handling, PDM (Predictive Data Migration), Media Patrol, Redundancy Check, Online Raid migration and capacity expansion.

With several options for SMB users to back up their computers and servers, the line supports Amazon's S3 web storage service, meaning users can setup their Amazon S3 accounts on NSx700 and perform scheduled backups from the NSx700 to Amazon S3 space. Additionally, users can install a second NSx700 at a remote site configured as a RSYNC server and use the NAS-to-NAS remote backup for disaster backup and recovery.

Backups from Windows or Mac OSX clients to the NSx700 can be performed using Promise’s SmartSYNC, Mac OS X's Time Machine or third-party backup utilities from Acronis or Symantec, and the Acronis Backup & Recovery software is provided. The solution is Maid 2.0 compliant, allowing the hard drives to adjust the spinning speed or spin down when the system is not busy or idle, decreasing the unnecessary power wasted by the hard drives.


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