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Panasas has released PAS HC, a high capacity, multi-petabyte, scale-out NAS system. The PAS HC is ideal for organisations requiring massive scalability, cost efficiency and performance in the capture and archiving of huge amounts of data.

PAS HC interoperates with the full suite of Panasas tiered storage products, and incorporates Intel’s new Nehalem microarchitecture, delivering a significant increase in bandwidth and processing performance. Using Panasas' new 64-bit operating system architecture and 64Gb/second fibre channel backend capacity, the system delivers more than 5GB/second throughput per rack, with initial customer implementations in excess of 160GB/second per system.

PAS HC’s efficient design provides nearly one PB of raw capacity in a single, floor tile-sized footprint, and capacity can be added without disruption to create massive, multi-petabye storage pools. Utilising the patented PanFS storage operating system, PAS HC complements the current PAS 7, 8, and 9 family of solutions to create a single global namespace. This provides customers with the flexibility to support multiple workflow applications in a single storage system, plus blazing performance for complex technical applications combined with massive capacity to archive the results for future analysis. Eliminating multiple islands of storage dramatically reduces system cost and complexity.


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