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DADiSP Application Builder

The DADiSP Application Builder, or DAB, is a redistributable component form of DADiSP that allows users to embed DADiSP functionality into their own standalone applications. The component operates as a standard ActiveX control compatible with almost any Windows based application framework.

By separating DADiSP functionality into a standard component, users can select their tools of choice (VB, VB.NET, C++, C#, etc.) to build their application and have that application seamlessly make use of DADiSP's analytical and/or graphical capabilities.  This allows developers to simultaneously leverage their knowledge of DADiSP and preferred application framework.

A ‘one-time’ licence for each development machine enables total distribution to any application with no further fees or royalties.  A callable install program is included to provide a single, integrated installation strategy for target application deployment.

DAB offers a number of key features and differs from competing products in several important ways: Much smaller deployment footprint, about 3MB compared to over 70MB for other vendor offerings; Fast native code implementation - no slow Java virtual machine overhead; Works with any framework; use familiar and powerful Microsoft tools specialised to build GUIs, not cumbersome vendor specific implementations; no custom compilers or link libraries required, users choose their preferred development tool and inherent support for large data files.

All features of DADiSP are still available including Worksheets, custom dialogues, SPLs and DLLs.
Leverages existing DADiSP knowledge for analytics and graphical manipulation.
Fast and simple application deployment.

DADiSP is a full-featured data analysis and visualisation environment designed to meet the demanding data analysis needs of scientists and engineers. Its highly graphical user interface features interrelated, ‘live’ graphical windows which update automatically when a variable is changed. DADiSP automatically captures data from laboratory instruments and test and measurement equipment and is compatible with data from a wide range of Windows applications.

The DADiSP range of products, including a choice of optional extensions, is supplied and supported by Adept Scientific in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and Nordic countries.


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