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AutoQuant X version 2

Media Cybernetics has released version 2 of the AutoQuant X image deconvolution and 3D visualisation software. AutoQuant X2 now offers 64-bit support, in addition to other feature enhancements.

AutoQuant X users can retrieve better data from their images using the most complete suite of 2D and 3D algorithms available, including a blind deconvolution algorithm.

Users no longer need to process time-series data one by one. The multi-dimensional and multi-processing capabilities in AutoDeblur allows users to start working on another dataset once processing has begun. With AutoDeblur they can load and process datasets all at once.

In addition to the deconvolution tools in AutoDeblur, AutoQuant X also includes the 3D visualisation capabilities of AutoVisualize. AutoVisualize allows users to bring complex datasets come to life with easy-to-use 3D visualisation and manipulation tools.

A free trial version of AutoQuant X Version 2 is available on the Media Cybernetics website.


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