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Dadimp 5.0

Adept Scientific has released a new version of the standalone data import module for the popular Dadisp graphical data analysis program, produced by DSP Development. New Dadimp 5.0 extends Dadisp's importing capabilities, allowing users to import data files with sophisticated formats.

Dadimp 5.0 can import ASCII or Binary data files directly into Dadisp's Labbook data structure without actually running the Dadisp program. Dadisp's header formats and keywords are fully supported. Because Dadimp can run separately and remotely, for example on a separate data collection computer, it lets users automate, speed up and simplify data collection operations.

Dadimp 5.0 uses a 64-bit file index to handle very large files. The total possible file size is essentially unlimited (in the terabytes), and each individual series within the total file can be up to 2GB.

Dadisp is a full-featured data analysis and visualisation environment designed to meet the demanding data analysis needs of scientists and engineers. Its highly graphical user interface features interrelated, ‘live’ graphical windows which update automatically when a variable is changed.



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