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Strater 2

Golden Software has released Strater 2, an upgrade of its well log and borehole plotting software pacakge for geoscientists. Strater 2 enables users to quickly create professional well logs from any type of interval or depth data. Strater 2 supports 12 popular log types to display subsurface data graphically: bar, zone bar, percentage, graphic, well construction, lithology, post, classed post, complex text, line/symbol, crossplot, and depth logs. Strater 2 offers a multitude of new customisation options, some of which include drawing or importing objects into the log area, specifying new colours and patterns, generating legends, setting decimal digits or adding a suffix/prefix to numeric labels, using one of the two new methods to adjust the scale of logs, and specifying transparency levels.

The improved data tables increase efficiency when working with data. The new data tables operate intuitively like Excel worksheets and support data from many common sources, including the current Access 2007 ACCDB and Excel 2007 XLSX formats.

One of the most popular new features in Strater 2 is the ability to display logs for multiple boreholes in one view to visually compare the data. Users can also draw lines connecting logs from the different boreholes to see correlations, and insert text to describe the correlations or emphasise specific data. Additional information may be added to the header and footer panes by drawing, importing, typing, or copying and pasting.

Templates and schemes are essential tools in Strater 2 and designed for efficient bulk log processing. Schemes load drawing properties based on a keyword or range value to effortlessly assign repeated properties when creating new logs. Strater 2 adds new USCS fill pattern scheme files, USCS patterns are frequently used in lithology logs. Improved template files store all the graphic features, schemes, and data tables without the imported data, so borehole designs can be quickly reused in other projects or by other users. Strater 2 offers many new predefined templates and the option to create and save custom templates.

Strater 2 supports any Windows-compatible printer or plotter and also allows batch printing. A borehole design may be created to automatically print the design with data from multiple boreholes. Logs may also be exported in one of the many supported file formats such as EMF, EPS, PDF (vector/raster), JPG, BMP, or TIF for insertion into presentations or reports.


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