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Ansys unveils release 17.0

Engineers across disciplines – from structures to fluids to electromagnetics to systems – will realise step-change improvements in the way they develop products using the newly released Ansys 17.0.

This next generation of Ansys  engineering simulation solutions set the scene for the next quantum leaps in product development, enabling unprecedented advancements across an array of industry initiatives from smart devices to autonomous vehicles to more energy-efficient machines. This release represents the most feature-rich release in the company’s 45-year history, which the company promises will deliver 10x improvements to product development productivity, insight and performance.

Simulation has been identified as one of the key pillars of the next industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0. With the advent of the Internet of Things all products are getting smarter, new advanced materials are enabling lighter, stronger and more sustainable designs, and additive manufacturing enables users to 3-D print anything they can imagine.

‘Companies are under relentless pressure to create top-line growth and increase savings,’ said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of Ansys. ‘Innovation, time to market, operational efficiency and product quality are key factors that contribute to this business success. Ansys is focused on helping customers improve their critical business metrics and leapfrog the competition by improving their product development process through engineering simulation. When we set out to develop the next release of our simulation platform, we challenged ourselves to improve our customers’ product development process by a full order of magnitude, or 10x.’

‘Hyperloop Technology is accomplishing safe and reliable ground transportation at close to the speed of sound,’ said Josh Giegel, vice president of design and analysis, Hyperloop Technologies. ‘Ansys 17.0 technology offers deeper insight into our designs and enables us to make the necessary improvement to our development process, which in turn will help us realise the Hyperloop concept.’

Through tighter integration of semiconductor and electronics simulation solutions, Ansys 17.0 delivers a comprehensive chip-package-system design workflow. New capabilities for automated thermal analysis and integrated structural analysis deliver a chip-aware and system-aware simulation solution, enabling customers to deliver smaller, higher-power density devices to market faster. With the advent of the Internet of Things, more products and engineers will rely on these capabilities.

In the fluids suite, Ansys provides advancements in physics modeling and introduces new innovations across the entire workflow and user environment design to accelerate time to results by up to 85 percent without compromising accuracy. Improvements to workflow and meshing enable novice users to quickly become productive while new tools and options expand the application reach for experienced users.


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