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HMPP compiler update

CAPS entreprise has announced that its HMPP directive-based compiler has added support for AMD’s GPU technology. Based on OpenACC and OpenHMPP directive-based programming model, HMPP compiler fully integrates data-parallel backend for OpenCL and will utilise the computing power of AMD GPU and APU devices. The initial GPUs supported in this release are AMD FirePro W9000, FirePro S8000 and FirePro W8000 series.

According to the company, the initial performance results are extremely promising and illustrate how the compiler directives can be used to make the most of AMD FirePro capabilities, while preserving C or Fortran codes. With a few directives, the performance of image-processing routines like Sobel Filter was increased by more than an order of magnitude (x40). CAPS technology also aids users in taking advantage of AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing Math Libraries (APPML), the software libraries containing FFT and BLAS functions designed to run on AMD GPUs. 


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