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Relion 800E and Relion 2804E

The latest additions to Penguin Computing’s E-series server line, the Relion 800E and the Relion 2804E, are now available. Based on Intel’s new ‘Sandy-Bridge EP’ E5-4600 processor, the Relion 2804E accommodates four processors with up to 32 cores in a 2U form factor. With 48 dual in-line memory module (DIMM) slots, the system supports up to 1.5TB of memory and four memory channels per processor. The Relion 2804E is suited to running virtualization and high-performance computing applications, as well as enterprise applications like relational databases.

The Relion 800E is a 1U two-way server designed for maximum performance per watt, per square foot. Penguin Computing states that it is ideal for web server farms and other deployment scenarios that need to accommodate network and I/O driven workloads in environments with power and cooling constraints. The Relion 800E features two Intel E5-2400 processors based on the ‘Sandy Bridge EN’ architecture. With 12 DIMM slots the Relion 800E supports up to 384GB of RAM and three memory channels per processor. Its efficiency is aided by high efficiency voltage-regulators, a spread core design and highly efficient power supplies.

The Relion 800E and the Relion 2804E include a comprehensive set of software tools for server deployment and management, and come with a standard four year warranty and 24/7 technical phone support with priority handling by dedicated support engineers.


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