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Exemplar Biomarker Discovery LIMS

Designed to address the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies for a single, integrated solution, Exemplar Biomarker Discovery LIMS for personalised medicine has been launched by Sapio Sciences. Within the application, users can track treatment regimens, subjects and their phenotypic attributes, and assay data, as well as performing data mining queries and statistical analysis on the aggregated data.

‘The Exemplar Biomarker Discovery product release is the culmination of our extensive experience working with leading drug development firms who are aware of the importance of personalised medicine to their future success,’ said Kevin Cramer, VP of sales and marketing at Sapio. ‘Now, for the first time, these firms can get a single solution that addresses everything from sample management through study data management, assay data management, data mining and statistical analysis.’

Further features include data Loaders for common assay types such as PCR, RPPA, FACS and Western Blot; CRO data interaction template creation and loaders; assay data QC; and custom statistical algorithm implementation support, e.g. data normalisation. Specific requirements can be met through customisation and configuration.


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