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ActivityBase XE 7.7

IDBS has announced enhanced screening and analysis functionality in ActivityBase XE 7.7 at SLAS 2014. 

The company claims that the latest release addresses growing assay volumes for high content and multi-parametric datasets by processing information up to 50 times faster than the previous version. In addition, new visualisations and third-party integrations support image-based screening capabilities and faster analysis to support decision-making.

Developed for modern hardware architecture, multi-threading and improved memory management contribute to the platform’s noticeably faster processing capabilities. A 64-bit version for data volume scale-up is also offered. 

ActivityBase XE forms part of the comprehensive ActivityBase Suite, a single screening data management platform which streamlines information capture and analysis, enabling users to generate reproducible and traceable results in the hope of accelerating research and development (R&D). It also integrates with third-party systems including high content, image-based applications, enabling users to delve into real-time data from multiple sources.


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