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IDBS launches E-WorkBook Cloud

IDBS has today launched The E-WorkBook Cloud, an enterprise, cloud-based platform designed specifically to meet the future challenges of scientific and R&D data management.

Featuring eight intuitive modules, The E-WorkBook Cloud allows customers to select the functionality that meets their current lab requirements, whilst the modular aspect enables them to build on the stack as their needs change or grow. The cloud-based nature of the platform means that users can access all of their data management modules in one place, in an integrated platform.

The E-WorkBook Cloud is based on a proven enterprise platform, combining best-in-class electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) functionality with cutting-edge data capture and analysis tools, integrated work and resource planning tools, integrated sample and inventory management and biology and chemistry to meet internal, external and hybrid research needs.

Scott Weiss, Vice President, Product Strategy at IDBS, said: ‘The introduction of The E-WorkBook Cloud stems from IDBS’ commitment to expanding its existing Cloud offerings.

‘As a complete SaaS (software as a service) solution, The E-WorkBook Cloud lets customers select the specific capabilities for their unique business needs, whilst removing the requirement to invest in hardware and support staff to host applications – ensuring customers can easily scale according to their needs and vastly reduce their infrastructure costs.’

‘With The E-WorkBook Cloud, our customers also get access to new features and updates far sooner a traditional on-premise system allows – improving service and end-user satisfaction. Additionally, The E-WorkBook Cloud schedules automatic backups without user intervention, ensuring the integrity and security of critical data.’

Based in the Cloud, users can access the platform via a range of devices or browsers from wherever they have an internet connection, enabling workers to continue write-ups and analyze data with access to real-time data information. For remote workers, the ability to access the software and data when they need it – from both desktop and mobile devices – increases the productivity of teams and fosters collaboration with third-parties.

The E-WorkBook Cloud will initially feature these eight modules:

  • ELN – Our industry-leading R&D informatics technology for enterprise data management
  • Integrations –APIs that let customers integrate existing systems, instruments or technologies into the E-WorkBook Cloud
  • Assay – Allows users to create assay templates, ensure consistency in data entry and manage data and generate reports
  • Inventory – A fully integrated, simple-to-use solution to seamlessly manage in one place samples, materials, and equipment to improve laboratory efficiency and address compliance requirements
  • Connect – A unique combination of capabilities designed specifically to support business-to-business collaboration, covering scientific task management, research content submission, and review, and communication with simple push features to ensure collaborative data becomes part of an enterprise’s core data asset
  • Biology – Integrated tools to support biomolecule research and development (coming shortly)
  • Chemistry – An intuitive interface that supports comprehensive workflows for organic chemists
  • Request – A work orchestration and scheduling tool that allows scientists to organize complex project pipelines and assign work to internal or external individuals (coming shortly)

The E-WorkBook Cloud platform has been designed from the ground up to behave, look and feel like a single, seamless application. The company aims to provide a superior user experience eliminating the need to maintain complex integrations between systems from different vendors, allowing users to drastically simplify the deployment process.

IDBS will continue to offer customers on-premise solutions alongside its SaaS offering and can supply this in a fully validated CFR Part 11 compliant manner.


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