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IDBS opens office in Paris

IDBS, a software company headquartered in the UK, has expanded its footprint in Continental Europe with the launch of a full service office in Paris, France.

The strategic move provides additional on-the-ground support and complements the company’s German presence, following the opening of its Munich office last year. These significant European inroads reflect the company’s commitment to both new and existing global R&D customers, whether they are based locally or operating in the region.

Didier Houselle, Managing Director, France & Southern Europe (FSE) at IDBS said, “We’ve been providing our services in Europe for over 20 years and we’ve seen our customer base increase nearly 30% over the last two years in the FSE regions. As customers across the world increasingly take a global approach to business, we’re seeing a growing demand for advanced in-region support. We’re keen to cement our investment in these geographies to drive growth and enable us to work more closely with our customers, providing them access to our local language sales, service and training experts.”

IDBS has a growing number of cross-domain, E-WorkBook and ActivityBase customers across Europe, spanning pharma, biotech, FMCG, and energy. This new office is an important step forward in supporting swift user adoption, enabling organizations to benefit quickly from better data insight, intellectual property (IP) protection and security.

Houselle added, “These agile capabilities are a plus for all types of organizations, from enterprises driving international solution deployments and requiring regional expertise to smaller companies such as biotechs, where speed to market is a must. Firms are looking for platforms which enable them to collaborate efficiently with internal and external partners, exchanging research outside their own walls, managing all types of structured and unstructured data with guaranteed quality and protection.”


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