Two Fold Software

Qualoupe LIMS update

Two Fold Software has introduced a new functionality to its Qualoupe LIMS software. Customers can now achieve full traceability for their samples' Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Qualoupe LIMS v1.1 (update)

A user-friendly Stability Trials software module is being added to the version 1.1 release of Two Fold Software innovative Qualoupe LIMS software

Qualoupe LIMS v1.1

Two Fold Software has added Multi-Groups capability to its Qualoupe LIMS v1.1 solution, making it suitable for organisations that have multiple sites or multiple laboratories within each site

Qualoupe LIMS

Two Fold Software has added an enhanced materials manager to its Qualoupe LIMS solution, enabling users to define the wide variety of materials tested in an organisation

Qualoupe LIMS web reporting

Two Fold Softwares Qualoupe LIMS solution now features a secure web reporting capability that offers laboratory users and their customers greater flexibility

Qualoupe LIMS results entry solution

Offering greater flexibility to manage test sample data, Two Fold Software is releasing user-friendly software that enables the companys intuitive Qualoupe LIMS user interface to display results parameters in a clear and flexible way

Qualoupe LIMS (Rental)

Two Fold Software is offering a rental payment option for its Qualoupe LIMS solution, which offers productivity gains, improved quality management and reporting flexibility


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