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Qualoupe LIMS web reporting

Two Fold Software’s Qualoupe LIMS solution now features a secure web reporting capability that offers laboratory users and their customers greater flexibility by generating on-demand reports derived from laboratory data. The ability to provide affordable on-demand reports offers efficiency gains by saving time and removing the need to push reports to end customers. On-demand reports also enable a laboratory to improve its customer service and enhance its reputation for data provision.

Internal reports can be run from within each Qualoupe application, and the reports can be associated with each application. For example, within the Sample Manager module the reports will all be predominately sample centric. When running the reports the user can simply select the current record set, or single record, or run a new query. Alternatively, if the report has an embedded query the report can simply be run. The on-demand web-based reporting solution enables a user to run a report by accessing the Qualoupe reporting application through a browser, while a secure access interface allows the restriction of the downloading of reports to authorised people. Another benefit of the module is that it allows external organisations to easily access reports for auditing or compliance requirements.


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