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Qualoupe LIMS v1.1

Two Fold Software has added Multi-Groups capability to its Qualoupe LIMS solution, making it suitable for organisations that have multiple sites or multiple laboratories within each site. The new advanced multi-group software module has been developed by Two Fold's software programmers to enable all data within Qualoupe's LIMS to be grouped together to tailor information workflow management to an organisation's specific needs across the world.

The multi-group functionality, which is now featured in Qualoupe’s new Version 1.1 software release, ensures complete flexibility when setting up and implementing a LIMS Multi-Groups capability.

One of the drawbacks of conventional multi-group LIMS software is that it is often very complex for users to implement quickly. To meet this challenge Two Fold Software has optimised the performance of Qualoupe’s multi-group capability by carefully tailoring the intuitive aspects of Qualoupe’s breakthrough user interface to greatly simplify the user experience and make the multi-group data readily understandable for all users.

A key feature of Qualoupe’s configurable user interface is its capability to create roles and to assign the tools needed to perform a specific role. A user assigned a role by Qualoupe will only see their available tools.


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