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Qualoupe LIMS update

Two Fold Software has introduced a new functionality to its Qualoupe LIMS software. Customers can now achieve full traceability for their samples’ Certificates of Analysis (COAs), which are vital in authenticating the purity and quality of samples and substances within laboratories. With Qualoupe LIMS, certificates for both individual and batches of samples can be created in just one click, with each assigned its own unique certificate and version number to allow for easy tracking. Users also have the option to get the relevant COA emailed straight to their inbox.

In many cases, COAs are simply generated as they are required, without a unique certificate number and with limited traceability. This latest update ensures that the COAs are stored as PDFs alongside the sample or batch record, and that the version number is renewed each time a certification is run. Qualoupe users are therefore assured of always being able to locate the latest certificate, and may quickly look back to trace who certified each sample on what date.


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