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A Complete Guide to LIMS Selection

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A Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS is a safe, efficient and affordable digital solution to laboratory management. Using a LIMS, you can collect data and manage your lab processes easily, giving you more time to focus on making new discoveries or ensuring quality products.

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Digital developments

Six industry experts tell Tim Gillett about recent progress in the world of laboratory information management systems

How COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and how laboratory orchestration platforms are changing the landscape

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Creating a digitally connected laboratory environment to automate and accelerate science is critical. A successful implementation of a laboratory orchestration platform enables innovation, productivity, global collaboration, reduces R&D costs, and sets an organization up for scientific success.

Boosting productivity of monoclonal antibody development using Chromeleon CDS: A collaboration to move biopharma forward

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Using the right tools is of paramount importance in the effort to advance tomorrow’s therapies. That is why Symphogen has deployed Chromeleon CDS for both routine chromatography and cutting-edge MS workflows, and to integrate data across their operations in an intuitive software platform. From acquisition to processing to review of data, the software streamlines laboratory operations, while seamless data and methods transfer to CROs and CMOs makes it easy to move leads to the next phase of drug development.

Data Integrity: Technical Controls That Demonstrate Trust

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Data Integrity: Technical Controls That Demonstrate Trust. Achieve compliance and maintain data integrity with the latest Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ 7.3 Chromatography Data System (CDS),which provides all the necessary preventative and technical controls, built into one software package that’s designed to ensure ease of use.  Learn more about a CDS that is backed by an advanced security system with a central administration console to simplify implementation and system management. Deliver all the functionality required – all without compromise


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Digital Transformation is taking hold in the pharmaceutical industry. It is no longer an innovative vision, but a strategic imperative for companies to vying to remain competitive. Pharma execs see the impact of digital technologies and realize it is crucial for their businesses to implement strategy to digital success.


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