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Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a free-to-use, self-serve tool designed to reduce the time associated with configuring and trialling an automation set-up

Are You Maximising The Value of Your Laboratory Assets?

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The paradox of the analytical laboratory is that labs utilize some of the most advanced and sophisticated instrumentation in the plant, yet continue to use the oldest data storage method – pencil and paper. Laboratory software has evolved to the point where the paperless lab is not only possible, but achievable. Learn how the paperless lab can add value by automating and integrating lab data with the enterprise and making it accessible in real-time when and where it is needed for faster, more informed decisions about R&D and manufacturing operations.


Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the Thermo Scientific VisionTracker database software for accurate and efficient management, tracking and retrieval of laboratory samples

Momentum 3.2

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the release of Momentum 3.2, the latest enhancement of the scheduling software, for automation control

Grams 9.1

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released version 9.1 of its Grams software for visualising, processing, reporting and managing spectroscopy data

Water and Environmental LIMS

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released the Thermo Scientific Water and Environmental LIMS, which is preconfigured to enable customers to comply with water and environmental regulatory guidelines and requirements

Clinical LIMS

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) for clinical laboratories, serving translational and personalised medicine


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